B2.1 Norwegian classroom course

The first module of the B2 level Norwegian course is an ideal starting point for students how completed the level B1. In this advanced course, you'll explore a variety of topics including:

  • Norway's Geography: Learn about Norway's remote northern location, its cities and towns, districts, hydroelectric power, and the decline of oil production;
  • Daily Life: Understand how Norwegians live, busy day-to-day life, the role of social media, assessing information accuracy, organized leisure time, and children's activities;
  • A Multicultural Society: Delve into the history of the Sami people, their past suppression and current rights, early and present-day immigration, labor immigration, refugees and asylum seekers, and the experience of being a first-generation Norwegian;
  • Education System: Discover Norway's approach to education for all, political parties' views on education, choices between studying and working, and various teaching methods.
In addition to these cultural and societal insights, you'll also review and consolidate Norwegian grammar. This includes different types of pronouns, mastering verbs in all the tenses, constructing more complex sentences effectively, and using words to connect your ideas seamlessly.

Where can I find Norwegian curriculum for my course level?

If you would like to know what you will learn in this Norwegian language course, you can contact us and request more details about the curriculum for the course.

If you want to study Norwegian but you are unsure about your level, you can take a placement test. Once we have received the results, our team will contact you and advise you which level and module would be the best fit.

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