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B2 Level Course – Classroom Full Level

The advanced B2 level Norwegian classroom course covers:

  • Norway in Depth: Explore Norway's geography, history from the Viking Age to independence, and its diverse society including the Sami people and immigration trends.
  • Society and Lifestyle: Delve into the Norwegian way of life, covering daily routines, the education system, and the work environment, including aspects like job interviews and workplace culture.
  • Environment and Health: Discuss Norway's approach to climate and environmental challenges, renewable energy, healthcare debates, and mental health issues.
  • Culture and Politics: Study Norway's nation-building through language and arts, analyze the political landscape, and examine Norway's role in international relations and global organizations like the UN and NATO.
This course offers a rich understanding of Norwegian culture, society, and language for advanced learners.

How long will it take me to be fluent in Norwegian?

Each student has a different pace and experience while learning a language. This will depend on your commitment, your language background, your exposure to Norwegian between lessons and the time you dedicate to consolidate and review the class content.

The universities in Norway have different requirements, some require B1 and other requirements B2. We advise the students to contact the universities directly and confirm which case applies.

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