Free Norwegian courses for expats

If you are an expat, no matter if you are new to Norway or have been living in Norway for some time, you have a chance to learn Norwegian for free with our courses funded by IMDI. Since Inlearn is an approved school, you can get a certificate that will be useful in several situations in your life in Norway. Your course will take 80 approved hours that can be used when applying for permanent residence with UDI and Politi.

The IMDI funds are used on both Norwegian online courses and our Norwegian lessons in Oslo. Practice your Norwegian free of charge in small groups, prepare yourself for exam in Norwegian or learn Norwegian for work. If you would like to apply for Norwegian citizenship, this course can help you to prepare to Norskprøve.

Availability is limited: Free seats are given out to the first applicants who meet the criteria.

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Who can benefit from the courses

If you’re a refugee residing in Norway or a foreigner living in Norway with already some knowledge of Norwegian, you may have the opportunity to access free Norwegian courses supported by public subsidies.

The process will start with the form below, that will help us confirm if you are eligible for the course. Each student will receive an individual offer, based on the current level, goals and courses preferences.

Fill out this form to apply if you have minimum A2 level

How the process works

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Fill out the form

In order to apply for free Norwegian language course, you need to fill out the form so we can analyze your application and confirm if you are eligible for free Norwegian lessons.

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Receive confirmation

After we process your application, you will receive an email informing if you are eligible for a free language tuition.

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Mapping skills and placement

In the email you receive, you will have a link for the placement test and mapping skills. You have to submit this form in order to receive offer for a free Norwegian course.

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Receive an offer and start the course

After we have received your results, you will receive an offer with a suggested start date and times. You have to accept the offer in written form by email. Accept or registration on the phone or in person is not possible.

Which free courses are included?

Each eligible student who complete the full process above will receive a proposal for a course, depending on the placement test results and type of course and schedule prefered.

Will I get a certificate?

All the students who attend at least 80% of the lessons and pass the test will receive a certificate of attendance.
Since Inlearn is an approved school, this certificate will be a great help for several situations.