B2.2 Norwegian Classroom course

The second module of the B2 level Norwegian course, designed for advanced students, offers an in-depth exploration of complex topics:
  • Work Life: Covering aspects like job interviews, what employers seek in applications, workplace efficiency, the Working Environment Act, and the balance between flexibility and security in Norwegian work culture.
  • Climate and Environment: Discussing issues such as congestion charges, the impact of superstorms, the transition to renewable energy, and individual contributions to environmental conservation.
  • Health: Exploring the state's role in healthcare, vaccination debates, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the interplay of climate and health, and mental health challenges.
This advanced course also sharpens your Norwegian grammar skills, focusing on nuanced aspects like diverse pronoun usage and sophisticated sentence construction.

Which level of Norwegian is required to study in Norway?

If you would like to study in a Norwegian university, you must prove that you have B1 or B2 levels. Different universities have different requirements, so you can confirm this information directly with the institution.


All the materials are included in the Norwegian language course. After you sign up, you will receive an email with further instructions and a separate email with the username and password to access the digital book and the platform.

Since we use the digital resources in our classroom setting, students are advised to bring a device that allows internet connection and access to the platform to take the most of their classes.

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