B2.1 and B2.2 Classroom Package

The B2 level Norwegian course offers a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of Norwegian life and culture, tailored for advanced students. Key areas of study include:

  • Norway's Geography: Understanding Norway's unique northern position, its cities, districts, and the shift in energy from oil to hydroelectric power.
  • Daily Life: Insights into the Norwegian lifestyle, including social media's role, information accuracy, and leisure activities.
  • Multicultural Society: The history of the Sami people, immigration patterns, and experiences of first-generation Norwegians.
  • Education System: Norway's educational philosophy, political perspectives on education, and teaching methods.
  • Working Life: Insights into the Norwegian work culture, including job interview processes, workplace expectations, and labor laws.
  • Climate and Environment: Discussions on environmental challenges, renewable energy, and individual environmental responsibility.
  • Health: The government's role in healthcare, public health debates, and mental health issues.
This course provides students with a deep understanding of Norway's societal, cultural, and political landscapes, enhancing their advanced proficiency in the Norwegian language.

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