B1.4 Norwegian classroom course

In the last module of the B1 intermediate level students will learn more about Norwegian society, while consolidating and improving their communication in Norwegian. In the course students will discuss topics such as:

  • Welfare state: Parenting allowance, equality, elderly care, health care, taxes and poverty;
  • Working life in Norway: trade unions, rights for employees, HSE, equality, freelance work, black work, labour immigration;
  • Norwegian industry: resources, food routes, professions, welfare and oil fund;
  • Democracy and human rights: democracy, citizenship, freedom of expression, equality, racism, discrimination and LGBTQI+
Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will also be improved during all the lessons.

About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

Since this is the last module of the B1 level course, you will finish B1 level when completing this course. If you would like to continue your Norwegian studies after completing this module, you will be ready to start the level B2.

In our B1 Norwegian courses we use the digital version of the book Stein på Stein and the digital platform. This is included in the course and students do not need to purchase any extra materials.

Since we use the digital resources in classroom connected to our smartboard, students are advised to bring a device that allows internet connection and access to the platform to take the most of the classes.

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