B1.3 and B1.4 Package Classroom

In the third and forth modules of the B1 intermediate Norwegian course, students continue to work with all the content learnt in terms of grammar and vocabulary to express themselves with more complexity and richer Norwegian vocabulary. In this course, students will improve how:

  • To learn more about Norwegian society, and traditions, Sami and other celebrations;
  • To discuss about physic and mental health, physical activities, covid-19 and other health related topics;
  • To discuss about global warming, climate changes, energy and nature.
  • To talk about welfare state: Parenting allowance, equality, elderly care, health care, taxes and poverty;
  • To have a better understanding about work life in Norway: work and job seeking, CV and interviews, trade unions, rights for employees, HSE, equality, freelance work, black work, labour immigration;
  • To learn about Norwegian industry: resources, food routes, professions, welfare and oil fund;
  • To discuss about democracy and human rights: democracy, citizenship, freedom of expression, equality, racism, discrimination and LGBTQI+.
Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation will also be improved during all the lessons.

About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

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