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Summer Intensive Course – Level A1 (2 weeks)

The the first two weeks of your Summer Intensive course for level A1, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Say hello to people in various settings;
  • Introduce yourself and others;
  • Discuss your family;
  • Have simple conversations at school and work;
  • Speak about your daily schedule and routines;
  • Talk about food and how to make it;
  • Communicate while shopping for different items.
  You will also dive into essential grammar topics, like different kinds of pronouns, verbs in the present and past tense, how to put together sentences, connecting ideas with words, and more.

These dates are for absolute beginners. In case you already have some basic knowledge, you can start any week. Please contact the school for test and registration.

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About your Norwegian Summer Intensive course

In our Norwegian intensive summer course, you will have lessons from Monday to Thursday, from 8:45am to 1pm, with a total of 20 lesson hours per week.

In your summer course you will have lessons from Monday to Thursday, from 8:45am to 1pm.


In these lessons, you will meet your teacher and colleagues and work as a group on several components of the language: grammar and vocabulary with listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.



After the first part of the day, you will have a lesson focused on self-study, to make sure you can work and consolidate what you have just learnt. This hour will be organized by the teacher, who will provide all the materials and extra exercises you need to work on.



At 11:30am your teacher will come back for another block of lessons. In these lessons as a group you will focus on conversation and interactions.

The duration of your course will depend on the level you want to complete. The minimum duration is one week.

Different levels will last for different durations in our intensive course:

The level A1 and A2 have a total duration of 80 lessons, which means that each level will take you 4 weeks to fully complete.

If your aim is to finish the level B1 or B2, you need to consider 160 lessons, which means that each full level will take you 8 weeks.

Our school is located in Oslo sentrum, 5 minutes walking distance to all the public transport and 3 minutes from Oslo S (Oslo Sentralstasjon, T-Bane, Tram and Bus).

If you are ensure which level is the best match for you, you can take our placement test. We will recommend the best match for you, depending on results.

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