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A1 Full Level Norwegian Classroom Course

In the A1 level Norwegian course is ideal for beginner students who already started learning the basics of the Norwegian language. In this course you can expect to learn how:

  • To greet people in different situations;
  • To introduce yourself and others;
  • To talk about your family;
  • To have basic conversations in school and work life context;
  • To talk about your hours and daily routines.
  • To talk about food and recipes;
  • To interact with others while shopping several types of items;
  • To talk about your housing and furnitures;
  • To talk about transports, ask directions and surroundings;
  • To talk about activities and hobbies;
  • To talk in the past about what your working experience;
  • To interact with others in job situations.
You'll also learn about fundamental grammar, including different types of pronouns, present and past tense verbs, sentence construction, connecting words and many others.

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About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

No, all the materials you will need in the course will be included in the price. You will have access to the digital version of the På Vei tekstbok (that covers A1 and A2 level), and also have access to the platform where you will find the audios and extra exercises about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Our Norwegian language courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). To complete the A1 level you will need to join the course for 32 lesson hours, with a total duration of 8 weeks.

Please have in mind that this is the estimate duration to deliver the content in our lessons, but students are expected to do homework, study and consolidate what they have learnt in the lessons to maximize results and speed up the progression.

Our Norwegian classroom courses will take place in our facilities in Oslo, in Kvadraturen, 5 minutes walking distance from Oslo Sentral Stasjon. You will receive further details and information about classrooms and other details closer to the date of your course.

Since we use digital resources in our Norwegian language courses, students will take more advantage of the lessons if they have a laptop or a device that allows internet connection.

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