B2 Level Course – Online Full Level

The B2 level advanced Norwegian online course encompasses:

  • Comprehensive Norway: Gain a deeper understanding of Norway's geographical features, its historical journey from the Viking Age to becoming an independent nation, and the intricacies of its multicultural society, including the Sami heritage and immigration patterns.
  • Lifestyle and Society: Get an in-depth look at the everyday life in Norway, exploring topics like typical daily activities, the education system, and nuances of the Norwegian work culture, including job interview processes and office dynamics.
  • Environmental and Health Perspectives: Engage in discussions about Norway's strategies for tackling climate change and environmental issues, the shift towards renewable energy, healthcare policies, and mental health awareness.
  • Cultural and Political Insights: Delve into the formation of the Norwegian nation through its languages and arts, dissect the political scene, and explore Norway’s participation in international bodies such as the UN and NATO.
This course is designed to provide advanced learners with a thorough appreciation of Norwegian culture, societal norms, and language nuances.

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