B2.4 Norwegian Online course

The final part of the B2 level Norwegian course, designed for advanced learners, encompasses:

  • Governance in Norway: Explore the balance between monarchy and democracy, understand the roles of the Storting (Parliament), the government, the judicial system, and learn about Norway's globally acclaimed humane prison system.
  • Political Landscape: Dive into the spectrum of political parties, the ideological differences between the left and right, the influence of politics on society, the significance of public opinion, the impact of media, and the nuances of free speech.
  • Norway in the World: Discuss global themes such as war and peace, anti-democratic trends, Norway's role in WWII, its participation in the UN and NATO, insights into the Nobel Peace Prize, Norway's interactions within Europe, the EU and EEA, the Schengen and Dublin agreements, Nordic regional cooperation, and its relationship with Russia, including the unique 'Russenorsk' language aspect.
This module thoroughly covers Norway's political and international affairs, significantly enhancing your Norwegian language proficiency, especially in discussing complex societal and global issues.

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