B2.2 Norwegian Online course

The second part of the B2 level Norwegian course, tailored for those at an advanced stage, delves into more complex subjects:

  • Working in Norway: This includes learning about job interviews, what qualities employers look for in candidates, how to be efficient at work, understanding the Working Environment Act, and finding a balance between flexibility and security in the Norwegian workplace.
  • Environmental and Climate Issues: Engage in discussions about topics like traffic congestion fees, the effects of major storms, shifting towards renewable energy sources, and how individuals can help in preserving the environment.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Gain insights into the government's involvement in healthcare, the debate over vaccinations, the challenge of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, the connection between climate change and health issues, and mental health matters.
In addition to these topics, this advanced Norwegian course also enhances your grammar skills, with a focus on using a variety of pronouns and building complex sentences. This course is ideal for learners seeking to deepen their understanding of Norwegian language and culture at the B2 level.

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