B2.3 Norwegian Online course

The third module of the B2 level Norwegian course, is perfect for advanced learners and explores:

  • Historical Journey of Norway: Delve into significant eras like the Viking Age, the Black Death, Norway's union with Sweden, and its journey to becoming an independent nation.
  • The Creation of a Nation: Learn about the essence of national romanticism, the development of Norway's written languages, and the significance of Nynorsk in the nation's linguistic heritage.
  • Celebrated Norwegian Artists: Study the contributions of Edvard Munch, experience Knut Hamsun's notable work 'Ringen', and appreciate the artistry of Gustav Vigeland.
This module not only broadens your grasp of Norway's storied past and cultural richness but also helps to refine your Norwegian language abilities, suitable for those seeking a thorough understanding at the B2 level.



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