B2.3 and B2.4 Online Package

The second half of the B2 level Norwegian online course delves deeply into the rich aspects of Norwegian culture, society, and politics, designed for advanced learners. The curriculum covers:

  • Historical Journey: From the era of the Vikings to Norway's attainment of independence, offering a comprehensive look at the nation's past.
  • Nation Formation: An exploration of how Norway's national identity has been shaped by its language, arts, and cultural emblems.
  • Celebrated Artists: Detailed studies of renowned Norwegian figures like Edvard Munch and Knut Hamsun, highlighting their contributions to the arts.
  • Political Framework: A thorough analysis of Norway’s governmental system, including its democratic principles and legal structures.
  • Political Spectrum: An in-depth examination of the various political parties, their differing policies, and the nuances of free speech in Norway.
  • Norway in the World Arena: Understanding Norway's interactions and roles within international organizations like NATO and the EU, and its historical significance in events such as WWII resistance.
This course is crafted to provide students with a profound understanding of the intricate facets of Norwegian society and culture, significantly enriching their advanced Norwegian language skills.

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