B2.1 Norwegian online course

The opening module of the B2 Norwegian language course is perfectly suited for those who have successfully completed the B1 level. This advanced course offers a comprehensive exploration of several engaging topics:

  • Norway's Landscape: Discover the unique position of Norway in the far north, explore its cities, small towns, and districts, understand the role of hydroelectric energy, and learn about the decrease in oil usage.
  • Daily Norwegian Life: Get a feel for the everyday lifestyle in Norway, the significance of social media, evaluating true information, planned leisure activities, and children's daily life.
  • Norway's Cultural Diversity: Uncover the story of the Sami population, their historical struggles and current rights, the history and current state of immigration in Norway, and what it's like to be new to Norway.
  • Education in Norway: Find out about Norway's educational policies for everyone, different political opinions on education, the choice between study and work, and a variety of teaching styles.
This module is designed to deepen your understanding of Norwegian culture and society, enhancing your Norwegian language skills at the B2 level. It's a great choice for learners searching for a comprehensive B2 Norwegian course.

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