B2.1 and B2.2 Online Package

The B2 level Norwegian course, aimed at advanced learners, offers an in-depth look into Norway's culture and way of life. Key topics covered include:

  • Norwegian Geography: Explore Norway's distinctive location in the north, its urban and rural areas, and the transition from oil to hydroelectric energy.
  • Daily Norwegian Lifestyle: Gain insights into typical Norwegian living, the impact of social media, information reliability, and common leisure activities.
  • Norway's Diverse Culture: Study the history and current status of the Sami community, the trends in immigration, and the life of new Norwegians.
  • Educational Landscape: Understand Norway's approach to education, differing political views on schooling, and various pedagogical styles.
  • Work Environment: Learn about the nuances of working in Norway, including job interview etiquette, workplace norms, and employment regulations.
  • Environmental and Climate Issues: Engage in discussions about Norway's environmental policies, the shift to renewable energy, and personal eco-responsibility.
  • Healthcare in Norway: Delve into the state's healthcare system, public health debates, and the importance of mental wellbeing.
This course offers a comprehensive overview of Norwegian society, culture, and politics, greatly enhancing your proficiency in the Norwegian language at an advanced level.

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