B1.2 Norwegian online course

In the second module of the B1 intermediate Norwegian course, students continue to build up their Norwegian communication skills with more complex interactions. In the lessons the students will learn more about how:

  • To talk about their family and discuss subjects such as marriage, divorce, having children;
  • To discuss about LGBTQI+;
  • To discuss about services in the internet;
  • To discuss about personal economy and savings, housing, buying or renting a house;
  • To discuss about information and communication, such as phones, social media and other types of communication;
  • To discuss about youth, kids education, raising kids in Norway, children rights and child welfare.
Grammar and vocabulary will also be a focus and students will have opportunity to learn and practice about verbs in the past, present and future; sentence structure, different types of pronouns, adjectives, passive voice and others.

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