B1.1 Norwegian online course

In the first module of the B1 intermediate Norwegian course, students will be able to consolidate everything they have learnt so far into more complex conversations and interactions in social and private contexts. In this Norwegian language course students can expect to learn how:

  • To talk about themselves and their background;
  • To discuss dreams and plans for the future;
  • To discuss about life at work, new job opportunities and possibilities to open their own business;
  • To talk about moving to a new place and learning a new language;
  • To discuss about immigration and emigration;
  • To discuss about school system in Norway, learning opportunities for adults and different career paths;
  • To discuss about democracy and Norwegian citizenship.
Grammar and vocabulary will also be a focus and students will have opportunity to learn and practice about verbs in the past, present and future; sentence structure and review all the grammar learnt on previous modules.

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