Welcome to Inlearn

We hope you are as excited as we are to share this new journey with you!

In the upcoming videos you will be able to find practical information about your student area, where to find the materials, connect to your online lessons and other relevant details.

How to access your student area

Inlearn uses an internal system to manage the students and provide you the links and useful information. In this video, we show you how to login and how to solve any challenges you might be facing.

Everything you can do inside your student area

Most of your answers will be found on your student area directly on our website. You can click here to access to find the links to your lessons, check the schedule for the upcoming sessions, download the certificate and much more.

Everything you need to know about your Online Resources

In this video, you will understand which materials are included in your Norwegian course, how to access them and how to take the most advantage of the resources offered in our Norwegian language courses.

If you havent received the email with the user and password for your materials, please check your spam folder or find any emails received from [email protected].

How to join your online lessons on Teams

You might be wondering, where do I find the link to join the classes? Which platform will we use?

In this video, you will learn where to find the link and how to connect to Microsoft Teams.  You don´t need to download Teams or have any paid access, you only need the link in our website and a device that allows you to connect to internet.

It also might be useful to know

Do you have any other questions? Please check here more details.

If you havent find here the answer to your question, you can always reach us by email or give us a call to +47 99 09 05 90.

In our Norwegian courses, students must attend at least 80% of the lessons in order to receive a certificate.

Yes, if you attend at least 80% of the lessons, you will be able to receive a certificate of attendance. You can download your certificate on your student area (please check the videos above).

Here is the esteemed duration per level with Inlearn Norway:

Classroom courses

A1 level: 40 lesson hours

A2 level: 40 lesson hours

B1 level: 80 lesson hours

B2 level: 80 lesson hours


Online courses

A1 level: 32 lesson hours

A2 level: 32 lesson hours

B1 level: 64 lesson hours

B2 level: 64 lesson hours


Students must have in mind that this is the time that it takes to deliver the content, but students are expected to study at home to consolidate the knowledge.

At Inlearn, we offer the students the possibility of booking the course for the duration that suits them best. You have chosen the duration of your course when you registered, but you can also check this information on your student area.

No, Inlearn doesn’t run any lessons on public holidays.

Here you can find the list for public holidays in 2024 and 2025:


  1. January 1 – Nyttårsdag (Monday)
  2. March 28 – Skjærtorsdag (Thursday)
  3. March 29 – Langfredag (Friday)
  4. March 31 – Første påskedag (Sunday)
  5. April 1 – Andre påskedag (Monday)
  6. May 1 – Arbeidernes dag (Wednesday)
  7. May 17 – Grunnlovsdag (Friday)
  8. May 9 – Kristi himmelfartsdag (Thursday)
  9. May 19 – Første pinsedag (Sunday)
  10. May 20 – Andre pinsedag (Monday)
  11. December 25 – Første juledag (Wednesday)
  12. December 26 – Andre juledag (Thursday)

Inlearn has Christmas break in 2024 from the 23rd of December to the 3rd of January 2025, which means that there are no lessons on those dates.


  1. January 1 – Nyttårsdag (Wednesday)
  2. April 17 – Skjærtorsdag (Thursday)
  3. April 18 – Langfredag (Friday)
  4. April 20 – Første påskedag (Sunday)
  5. April 21 – Andre påskedag (Monday)
  6. May 1 – Arbeidernes dag (Thursday)
  7. May 17 – Grunnlovsdag (Saturday)
  8. May 29 – Kristi himmelfartsdag (Thursday)
  9. June 8 – Første pinsedag (Sunday)
  10. June 9 – Andre pinsedag (Monday)
  11. December 25 – Første juledag (Thursday)
  12. December 26 – Andre juledag (Friday)