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If you're a refugee residing in Norway, you may have the opportunity to access free Norwegian courses supported by public subsidies. Explore the list of our available free Norwegian courses and verify if you meet the requirements to enroll.

Inlearn offers free Norwegian classroom language courses based on public funds. The places are limited and students will be granted a place if they meet the criteria below. You can apply by clicking on the button bellow and filling out the form.


By signing-up for one of our free Norwegian courses, you declare: 

1. You are a refugee currently living in Norway;

2. You are not participating in a municipal introduction programme or receiving free Norwegian language course in other school;

3. You authorise the recording of photo/video and that this material may be used by InLearn Norway AS, on internal and external channels/platforms;

4. You accept full responsibility for that the information you provide Inlearn with is up-to-date and correct.


What happens next? 

After you fill out the form, you will receive a confirmation by email if you are eligible and meet the criteria to benefit from a free Norwegian course.

If you are eligible, you will two forms: one with the mapping skills, and another with the placement test. This will assure that you are placed in the right level and group for you.

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