A2.2 Norwegian Online course

In the second module of the A2 level Norwegian language course the students can continue to improve their skills in Norwegian, with more confidence and ease while interacting with others. This is the last module before students join the intermediate level (B1 level). In this course you can expect to learn how:

  • To talk about housing;
  • To buy and sell things online;
  • To ask directions and get by in the city;
  • To talk about the school system in Norway;
  • To talk about occupations and professions;
  • To talk about different dates, celebrations and traditions in Norway;
  • To talk about your work experience and prepare for a job interview;
  • To discuss and talk about your plans and goals for the future;
  • To talk and discuss about salary, taxes and other relevant work related information in Norway.
You'll also learn about fundamental grammar, including adjectives, sentence structure, different types of prepositions and connecting words, and verbs in the present and past.

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About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

If you have already completed the A1 level, you need to attend 8 weeks of lessons (32 lesson hours) to complete the A2 level.

If you are unsure which level or module to register, you can do the placement test so we can advise you on the best module for you.

In our Norwegian online course you will meet your teacher and colleagues twice a week, with lessons on Microsoft teams. Above you can choose the schedule and starting date that works best for you.

Between lessons, you will also have full access to a digital platform where you can continue working on listening, reading, writing and reading, besides all the pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary exercises available.

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