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Summer Intensive Course – Level B2 (4 weeks)

The the first four weeks of your Summer Intensive course for level B2, you will be able to consolidate everything they have learnt so far into more complex conversations and interactions in social and private contexts. Key topics covered include:

    • Norwegian Geography: Explore Norway's distinctive location in the north, its urban and rural areas, and the transition from oil to hydroelectric energy.
    • Daily Norwegian Lifestyle: Gain insights into typical Norwegian living, the impact of social media, information reliability, and common leisure activities.
    • Norway's Diverse Culture: Study the history and current status of the Sami community, the trends in immigration, and the life of new Norwegians.
    • Educational Landscape: Understand Norway's approach to education, differing political views on schooling, and various pedagogical styles.
    • Work Environment: Learn about the nuances of working in Norway, including job interview etiquette, workplace norms, and employment regulations.
    • Environmental and Climate Issues: Engage in discussions about Norway's environmental policies, the shift to renewable energy, and personal eco-responsibility.
    • Healthcare in Norway: Delve into the state's healthcare system, public health debates, and the importance of mental wellbeing.
This course offers a comprehensive overview of Norwegian society, culture, and politics, greatly enhancing your proficiency in the Norwegian language at an advanced level.

These dates are for students starting in the beginning of B2 level. If you want to start in a different module, please contact the student for placement and registration.

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About your Norwegian Summer Intensive course

In our Norwegian intensive summer course, you will have lessons from Monday to Thursday, from 8:45am to 1pm, with a total of 20 lesson hours per week.

In your summer course you will have lessons from Monday to Thursday, from 8:45am to 1pm.

Morning Session (8:45 am – 10:15 am): Start your mornings engaging with the Norwegian language in a vibrant classroom setting. You’ll join your teacher and classmates in exploring the essentials of Norwegian, including grammar, vocabulary, and the core communication skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These sessions are interactive and designed to build a solid foundation in the language, ensuring you’re not just learning but actively using Norwegian.

Self-Study Hour (10:30 am – 11:15 am): Following a short break, you’ll engage in a focused self-study period. This is your time to absorb and practice what you’ve learned, with a variety of materials and exercises provided by your teacher. It’s an opportunity to consolidate your knowledge and tackle any challenges head-on, with resources tailored to your learning needs.

Afternoon Session (11:30 am – 1:00 pm): After another brief pause, you’ll return for a session dedicated to conversation and interaction. This is where the magic happens—you’ll put your Norwegian to use in a supportive, fun environment focused on enhancing your speaking and listening skills. Engage in lively discussions, role-play scenarios, and group activities that encourage real communication, building your confidence and fluency.

The duration of your course will depend on the level you want to complete. The minimum duration is one week.

Different levels will last for different durations in our intensive course:

The level A1 and A2 have a total duration of 80 lessons, which means that each level will take you 4 weeks to fully complete.

If your aim is to finish the level B1 or B2, you need to consider 160 lessons, which means that each full level will take you 8 weeks.

Our school is located in Oslo sentrum, 5 minutes walking distance to all the public transport and 3 minutes from Oslo S (Oslo Sentralstasjon, T-Bane, Tram and Bus).

If you are ensure which level is the best match for you, you can take our placement test. We will recommend the best match for you, depending on results.

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