B1.1 Norwegian group course

Are you ready to take your Norwegian skills to the next level? If you have completed the first part of the A2 Norwegian group course, then you are well on your way to becoming a confident and fluent Norwegian speaker. The A2.2 Norwegian group course is designed to help you further improve your Norwegian skills in a fun and engaging way.

Below you can learn more about our Norwegian lesson types and choose your starting date. 

Experience the Vibrant Learning Environment of Inlearn

Step into interactive sessions, lively discussions, and face-to-face interactions with our expert instructors. In our Norwegian classroom courses, you’ll find an atmosphere brimming with energy and enthusiasm, as fellow learners from diverse backgrounds come together to embark on a linguistic journey.

Why choose the Classroom Courses:
  • Personalized Attention: Benefit from individualized guidance and support from our experienced teachers who are passionate about your progress.
  • Collaborative Learning: Engage in stimulating conversations and group activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual growth among your peers.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Receive immediate feedback from instructors, allowing you to refine your language skills and boost your confidence.
  • Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in Norwegian culture through authentic classroom experiences, opening doors to new perspectives and connections.
  • Networking Opportunities: Forge lasting connections with like-minded learners, expanding your professional and social networks beyond the classroom.

Experience the Vibrant LeEmbrace the freedom of learning from anywhere, at any time

Embark on a language-learning journey tailored to your busy lifestyle with our comprehensive online courses. With just a click, you’ll gain access to a virtual classroom bursting with innovative resources, interactive lessons, and a supportive online community.

The online group courses run twice a week, in sessions of 1h30 but you will benefit of unlimited 24/7 e-learning platform with engaging and motivating materials to continue your journey between lessons.

Why choose the Online Courses:
  • Flexible Learning: Customize your learning schedule to suit your personal commitments, allowing you to progress at your own pace.
  • Accessible Resources: Enjoy a wealth of multimedia content and interactive exercises designed to enhance your language acquisition.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive guidance from our highly qualified instructors through virtual office hours, live webinars, and personalized feedback.
  • Global Community: Connect with fellow learners from around the world, expanding your horizons and immersing yourself in diverse perspectives.

The Perfect Blend of Flexibility and Personal Interaction

At Inlearn Norway AS, we believe in harnessing the best of both worlds. Our hybrid courses seamlessly combine the advantages of in-person and online learning, offering you the ultimate language learning experience. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of our physical classrooms while benefiting from the convenience and flexibility of virtual learning.

Why choose the Hybrid Courses:
  • Flexible Learning Paths: Tailor your learning journey by choosing to attend in-person classes, participate in virtual sessions, or switch between the two according to your needs.
  • Personalized Attention: Receive individualized support both in the classroom and online, ensuring that your unique language goals are met.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Engage with peers and instructors through a combination of face-to-face interactions and virtual discussions, fostering a dynamic learning environment.
  • Blended Resources: Access a wide array of online materials, interactive exercises, and multimedia resources, complementing your classroom experience.
  • Adaptability: Seamlessly transition between classroom and virtual learning modes.

Unlock the power of independent learning

Embark on a self-paced language learning adventure empowered by our cutting-edge e-learning platform. Our self-study courses offer you the flexibility to learn at your own pace, taking full control of your language acquisition journey. With an array of interactive lessons, multimedia resources, and assessments, you’ll take your Norwegian to the next step at your own pace and availability.

Why choose the Self-Study Courses:
  • Personalized Learning: Tailor your learning experience to match your individual needs, focusing on areas that require more attention or exploring topics of personal interest.
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Access course materials anytime, anywhere, enabling you to study at your own convenience and pace.
  • Self-Motivation: Develop strong self-discipline and motivation as you take ownership of your language learning progress.
  • Continuous Support: Benefit from our online support channels to address any questions or challenges that arise during your self-study journey.
  • Freedom: Empower yourself with the freedom of self-paced learning and embark on a transformative language learning experience that fits your lifestyle.
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