A2 Level Norwegian Course – Classroom

In the first module of the A2 level Norwegian course, students will continue to increase their confidence in speaking Norwegian. In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to discuss the weather, different seasons, and the climate;
  • To talk about various activities, both indoors and outdoors;
  • More about Norway, its culture and society;
  • To communicate effectively in work settings;
  • To express your feelings and share your ideas and opinions;
  • To talk about your body and how you're feeling;
  • How to interact in hospitals or during medical appointments;
  • About the healthcare system, emergency services, and other vital information.
You'll also dive into key grammar concepts, such as adjectives, how to construct sentences, different types of prepositions and connecting words, and using verbs in both the present and past tense.

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Where will the Norwegian classes take place?

Your Norwegian course will take place in Oslo Sentrum, in Kvadraturen, 5 minutes walking distance from Oslo sentralstasjon. After you sign up, you will receive further details with the address and classroom for your course.

All the materials you need for your course are included:

  • Access to the ‘På Vei’ digital textbook with audios
  • A robust e-learning experience on the ‘På Vei’ platform, designed to strengthen all facets of the language: from listening and speaking to reading and writing, alongside comprehensive vocabulary and grammar training.
  • A certificate of attendance, presented at the end of the course (minimum 80% attendance required)


Since we use digital resources in our lessons, students are advised to bring a device that allows internet connection and access to the e-learning platform.

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