A2.1 Norwegian Classroom Course

In the first module of the Norwegian course for level A2 the students can expect to continue to build up their confidence when communicating in Norwegian. In this course you can expect to learn:

  • To talk about the weather, seasons and climate;
  • To talk about activities indoor and outdoor;
  • More about Norway and Norwegian society;
  • To interact in working situations;
  • To talk about feelings and express ideas and opinions;
  • To talk about their body and how they feel;
  • To interact in the hospital or in an medical appointment;
  • How the health system works, emergency entities and other important information.
You'll also learn about fundamental grammar, including adjectives, sentence structure, different types of prepositions and connecting words, and verbs in the present and past.

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About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

Our Norwegian language courses take place twice a week, in different schedules depending on the course you choose.

Each module of the course is comprised of 16 lesson hours, organized in 8 meetings of 1h30.

Our Norwegian courses are designed in 1h30 sessions, with a fast paced approach. Students are expected to work between lessons to consolidate what they have learnt in the class and are encouraged to use the digital platform to practice listening, reading, writing and reading.

Students have different paces and progressions, as this also depends on language background, experience in learning languages, commitment to learn the language, exposure to Norwegian outside classes and other personal factors.

If you would like to complete the full A2 level, you should complete 32 lesson hours with this course. The A2.1 is the first module of the A2 level, which will only cover half of the content planned for the A2 level.

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