A1 Full Level Norwegian Group Course


In our Beginner's Norwegian Language Course (Level A1), comprising two modules, you'll develop a solid foundation in Norwegian. The first module introduces you to basic greetings, self-introduction, and family-related vocabulary, along with phrases for school and work life in Norway. You'll learn about daily routines and fundamental grammar, including pronouns, present tense verbs, and sentence construction. The second module builds upon this, focusing on family life, Norwegian cuisine, and vocabulary for household items and shopping, including discussions about sizes, colors, and prices. It also reinforces grammar knowledge with nouns in definite form, various pronouns, adjectives, imperative verbs, and an introduction to the past tense. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of Norwegian for everyday use and cultural immersion.

Norwegian Classroom Course for Beginners in Oslo

Our presential Norwegian course for beginners is the best option for students looking to start learning the language. The students will meet their teacher twice a week, with meetings of 1h30.

Between lessons, students will also receive access to an e-learning platform where they can work on all the components of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing; and also a focus on grammar and vocabulary.

Norwegian Online Group Courses

The online group courses run live on Microsoft Teams twice a week, in sessions of 1h30. Students and teachers will have possibility to gather online from everywhere, with different timetables available.

Students will benefit of unlimited 24/7 e-learning platform with engaging and motivating materials to continue your journey between lessons. In this platform students can consolidate and practice speaking and pronunciation, listening, reading and writing; but also grammar and vocabulary.

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