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A1-A2 Norwegian Group Course – Best deal Package


Our A1 to A2 Norwegian level course is the perfect bundle for absolute beginners with no prior knowledge of the Norwegian language.

Below you can learn more about our Norwegian lesson types and choose your starting date. 

Norwegian Classroom Courses in Oslo

The A0 to A2 Norwegian course is the best bundle for all students who desire to kickstart their Norwegian communication skills.

The course takes place twice a week, with several schedules available depending on the students availability.

All the courses include unlimited access to e-learning platform where you can work all the components of the language: reading and writing, listening and speaking; and also grammar and vocabulary.

Online Norwegian Live Courses

The online group courses run twice a week, in sessions of 1h30 but you will benefit of unlimited 24/7 e-learning platform with engaging and motivating materials to continue your journey between lessons.

Self-Study Norwegian Course

Our self-study courses includes teachers guidance on studies and 24/7 unlimited access to the e-learning platform where students can work on all the components of the language: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Grammar and vocabulary are also available, with several exercises and explanations for students.

Teacher will be providing feedback on platform and email, guiding the students on what should be the next step.

This course allows students to have flexibility and full control of their progression while matching individual needs.

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