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A1.1 Norwegian Online Course – Absolute Beginner

The first part of the Norwegian class for beginners (level A1) is perfect for those who want to begin learning Norwegian online. In your online live course, you'll learn to:

  • Say hello to people in various situations;
  • Introduce yourself and others;
  • Discuss your family;
  • Have simple talks in school and at work;
  • Speak about your schedule and everyday activities.
You will also learn essential grammar, like pronouns, verbs in the present tense, how to make sentences, and words that link ideas together.

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About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

If you would like to complete the full A1 level course, you need to join the course for 8 weeks (32 lesson hours).

Please be aware that this is the estimate duration it takes to deliver the content in class for the A1 level, but you will be expected to work on your own during classes to keep up with the course and consolidate.

Our Norwegian online courses are live, and you will meet your teacher and colleagues on Teams twice a week. Due to data protection and to make sure all students are comfortable to fully participate in the classes, we do not record the classes.

In case you need to miss a class in your Norwegian online course, you can send us an email and we will send you more details about what was covered in the lesson. This will allow you self-study and consolidate, so you can keep up with the next class.

We do not compensate for missed lessons and it is not possible to attend other classes.

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