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A1.1 Norwegian Group Course – Absolute Beginner

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In the first module of the Beginner's Norwegian Language Course (Level A1), you'll begin with the basics, such as simple greetings and ways to introduce yourself and your family. We'll also cover essential phrases and vocabulary for navigating school and work life in Norway. You'll learn about expressing daily routines and activities, including understanding days of the week and telling time. Additionally, the course provides an introduction to essential Norwegian grammar, focusing on pronouns, present tense verbs, basic sentence structures, and forming questions.

Norwegian Classroom courses in Oslo Sentrum

Our classroom group courses in Oslo take place twice a week, with several schedules available to fit all the students availability.

All the courses include unlimited access to e-learning platform where you can work all the components of the language: reading and writing, listening and speaking; and also grammar and vocabulary.

Norwegian Online live courses

Our online courses take place live through Microsoft Teams, twice a week, with several schedules available.

Besides the live lessons with teachers and colleagues, the students also receive full unlimited access to an e-learning platform where they can consolidate and improve their Norwegian between lessons.

Norwegian Self-Study Course

Our self-study courses includes teachers guidance on studies and 24/7 unlimited access to the e-learning platform where students can work on all the components of the language: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Grammar and vocabulary are also available, with several exercises and explanations for students.

Teacher will be providing feedback on platform and email, guiding the students on what should be the next step.

This course allows students to have flexibility and full control of their progression while matching individual needs.

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