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A1.1 Norwegian Classroom Course – Absolute Beginner

The first module of the Norwegian course for level A1 is ideal for students who are looking to start learning Norwegian. In this course you can expect to learn how:

  • To greet people in different situations;
  • To introduce yourself and others;
  • To talk about your family;
  • To have basic conversations in school and work life context;
  • To talk about your hours and daily routines.
You'll also learn about fundamental grammar, including pronouns, present tense verbs, and sentence construction and connecting words.

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About your Norwegian course with Inlearn

Our Norwegian language courses have all the materials included. Along with your course, you will receive access to the digital version of På Vei book and also access to the digital platform where you will be able to practice all the components of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Since we use the online resources in our classroom classes, students will have access to a tablet during the class to make sure everyone can follow and use the online resources in class.

If you would like to know in more detail what exactly you will study lesson by lesson, you can contact us and ask for the curriculum.

We will be happy to send you further details so you can understand what will be covered in the classes, allowing you to study between lessons to prepare for the upcoming class and take the most of your Norwegian language course.

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