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A1.2 Norwegian Group Course – Beginner


In the second module of our Beginner's Norwegian Language Course (Level A1), you'll cover family and daily routines, food and recipes, and essential vocabulary for housing and items in the home. You'll also learn about clothing and shopping, including discussions about sizes, colors, and prices. The course will also touch essential grammar, such as nouns in definite form, pronouns, adjectives, verbs in the imperative form and on past tense.

Norwegian Classroom Course in Oslo Sentrum

Our group classes in Oslo meet twice weekly, in small groups with a maximum of 10 students, offering multiple time slots to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Each course provides unrestricted access to our e-learning platform, covering all language aspects: reading, writing, listening, speaking, along with grammar and vocabulary.

Online Norwegian Group Courses

Our Norwegian virtual classes are conducted live on Microsoft Teams twice a week, offering various time options to suit different schedules.

In addition to real-time group sessions with instructors, students gain access to an e-learning platform for enhancing and reinforcing their Norwegian skills outside of class.

Norwegian Self-study Course

Our self-study courses offer instructor support and full access to our comprehensive e-learning platform. Here, students can immerse themselves in every aspect of the language, including listening, speaking, writing, reading, as well as grammar and vocabulary, complemented by a variety of exercises and explanations.

Instructors will offer feedback and guidance through the platform and via email, helping students understand their next steps in learning.

This course format provides flexibility and autonomy, allowing students to tailor their learning journey to their personal requirements and pace.

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